PLC and HMI Program development on an extensive variety of Material Handling Solutions.  Including Sorting Conveyor, Production Instruction Systems and Integration of Specialty Equipment such as RFID, Machine Vision, Video Jet Markers, 3-Bond FIPG Controllers, Denso-ABB-Fanuc Robots, Automatic Guided Vehicles and more. . .

  • Allwin, Toyopuc PLC
  • Unidraf - Japanese Electrical Schematic Software
  • Denso Robots, Wincaps
  • Robot Studio (ABB robots)
  • Computer Aided Drafting, CAD
  • Intelligent Actuator Inc, XSEL, Robo-Cylinder
  • Allen-Bradley PLC-5
  • Allen-Bradley SLC 500
  • Allen-Bradley RSLinx
  • Mitsubishi PLC, Melsec
  • Direct Soft (Koyo) TJ435
  • C++
  • Omron PLC, CXONE
  • Omron HMI Touch Screen, CX-Designer
  • Keyence PLC, KV Ladder Builder
  • Keyence Bar-code, DV-90
  • Keyence HMI Touch screen, VT-Studio
  • Sick Safety Laser Scanner, CDS (Configuration & Diagnostic Software)
  • Twido PLC, TwidoSuite
  • OsiSense XG RFID – Tractability and Production Instruction System
  • HMS Anybus Gateway – Modbus.
  • Denso Robots – Pick and Place, FIPG Application, Chemical Spraying
  • Intelligent Actuator- 2 Axis Robot, FIPG application, Part inspection Via Cognex Machine Vision
  • ABB Robot – Pick and Place, De-burring, Machine Cell Loading
  • Omron and Cognex Vision – Part Inspection, 2D barcodes
  • Omron Scaling sensors – Touch-less Quality Checking
  • Conveyor PLC programs – Chain, Top Roller, Stepper Motor, Tact and Pitch Synchronized Assembly Conveyor, Roll-overs, Turn Tables, Gantry
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles- Traffic Panel, RFID
  • Production Instruction Systems – Instruction VIA monitors and Confirmation by Sensors
  • Andon or Plant Annunciation Panel – Various PLC Networking Schemes, Including wireless interlock
  • Mitsubishi and Oriental Invertors – Variable speed conveyor, low force Turn Tables
  • Giken and Uryu Nut-runners – Bolt and Nut Tightening
  • Video Jet ink jet system – Tractability marking method
  • Proface HMI Touch screen, GP-Pro
  • Solid Works